By Laura Martino

  Paradise Hotel’s 3-million-dollar renovation, without a doubt, transformed the venue into a suburban Paradise! Naturally, a refreshing menu was created to complement the Hotel’s new look and feel. With the interior inspired by the beautiful Isle of Capri, diners can now enjoy the summer breeze whilst devouring a delicious seafood platter in Paradise Hotel’s outdoor … Continued

By Guest GAT Girl

WORDS BY TOM CUMMING The night before I started my internship with Girl About Town, I was lying in bed with a stomach full of butterflies wondering if I was going to be a spectacular failure – What if they don’t like me? What if I’m a complete mess up? Or worse, what if my … Continued

By Jess Battams
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From new client meetings, venue launches and everything in between, it is safe to safe my first two weeks with GAT have been a whirlwind. I come from a marketing and communications management role filled with corporate structure, red tape and board meetings. Although I loved my clients and the brand I worked for, when … Continued

By Guest GAT Girl
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  By Michaela McGrath With all of the hustle and bustle of 2017, Mother’s Day has managed to sneak up on us all. Trying to find the perfect present to treat mum is never an easy task, especially with the special day peeking its head around the corner just this weekend. From breakfast in bed … Continued

By Guest GAT Girl
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WORDS BY VICTORIA NARDONE Have you ever noticed how dry your skin can become after the summer season ends? – Or, how your skin in general feels different from season to season? This is because your skin reacts to different environmental conditions. So, just as your wardrobe changes throughout the year, so should your skin care routine! We know … Continued

By Guest GAT Girl
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With mad March in full swing, our wardrobes are in melt down… Whether you’re hitting the Croquet Club or venturing into the Garden, the pressure is on to find the perfect outfit. With the Croquet Club’s spectacular new home on the Riverbank comes additional hurdles… The new location means a whole new dress code… Ladies, just a … Continued

By Guest GAT Girl

WORDS BY CAITLIN NICKS To all those who say there’s nothing to do in Adelaide, these events will prove them wrong… Anyone for croquet? Royal Croquet Club The highly anticipated Royal Croquet Club is back and better than ever. Its new location, Pinky Flat boasts some spectacular riverside views and a spacious layout. Get your … Continued