What’s all the fuss about?

Girl About Town is a full-service communications agency. It specialises in public relations, events, social media, marketing, digital marketing, activations, styling, talent management, branding, design, copy writing, videography, photography, content creation and more.

Its founder, Maree Stoubos, brings a wealth of experience to the agency with reputable industry contacts, an extensive client list and exceptional results that speak for themselves.

Public Relations (PR) refers to the management of information between the client, the media and the general public. Put simply, we act as the middlewoman between the client and the media to ensure our client’s stories are told. We are communicators and creatives that influence the way people think.

We pride ourselves on the ability to react quickly and embrace change. The media landscape is forever changing and the demand for expert PR has never been higher. Girl About Town seeks to stay one step ahead of industry trends. Our flexibility nature allows us to keep up with continous change, and to set the bar.

Girl About Town appreciates that every situation is unique and timing is everything. We work to develop distinctive, effective communications strategies that complement our client’s business philosophies, objectives, key messages, target markets and values. We start the conversation for our clients by creating content that is both newsworthy and of social interest, to engage both traditional and social media.

Girl About Town also offers an exclusive DIY PR KIT. The kit empowers users to implement an effective PR strategy that engages media outlets by identifying what makes news in your business whilst optimising your potential to secure print, online, radio and/or television coverage.
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